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We know that when out security is on the line we tend to be very careful and go on the extra mile to make sure we work with a trustworthy company which will take care of all our security needs. Here are some possible questions you may want to ask and our answers:

1. May I get an estimated price for your job and materials over the phone?
Unfortunately, an estimate over the phone is not giving to customers to avoid misunderstands and confusions.

2. How would I be able to get an estimated price for your job and materials before you start working?
One of our technicians will visit your home or business and once hi is at your facility he will be able to take a look at the problem, listen to your specific needs and then suggest the most appropriate solution for your individual situation. At the end of the visit, an estimated price for the service & materials will be given to you.

3. Is your estimation free of charge?
Yes. Our estimation is completely free and comes with no obligations from your side.

4. Is your estimation final? May I get it in writing?
Yes. Upon your request, a written estimation will be issued. All our estimations are official and final – ZERO UNEXPECTED SURPRISES!

5.Do your technicians carry with them their Locksmith Identity Card?Yes. Our technicians are highly professional. Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in the Locksmith profession and each and every one of them has his Locksmith ID card on him.

6. What is the time frame for your arrival in case of emergency?
What is the time frame for your arrival in case of emergency?

7. Do you issue receipts?
Yes. No matter what kind of work we do, a receipt will be issued at the end of the job.

8. Do you grant a warranty on your job & materials?
Yes. A 90 day warranty is granted for all parts and labor.

9. Is your warranty written?
Yes. Our warranty is written on all our receipts.

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